A Knight to Remember by Cynthia Luhrs

The story starts in the present day. Lucy Merriweather travels to England with her boyfriend Simon Grey, otherwise known as Lord Blackford. Simon then takes her to Blackford Castle and proposes to her but Lucy declines because of his condescending attitude. Still, Simon insists and forcefully marries her. After which he tells her the truth; … Continue reading A Knight to Remember by Cynthia Luhrs

The rise of antimicrobial resistance

From the time Alexander Fleming discovered the Penicillium mould which produced penicillin to kill bacteria in 1928, many more antibiotics have been commercially produced to fight off many bacterial infections. However, many of the microorganisms are now antimicrobial resistant (AMR). WHO defined AMR as "the microorganism's resistance to an antimicrobial drug that was once able … Continue reading The rise of antimicrobial resistance

The origins of left-handedness discovered

Ever since the human genome had been mapped, scientists have found it easier to study the functions of the human body. Recently, left-handedness has been found to be linked to genetic regions responsible for brain structure. This study, carried out by a team of researchers at the University of Oxford, revealed that there are four … Continue reading The origins of left-handedness discovered

Landry’s Back in Town (#1) – Rocky Ridge Romance by Margery Scott

Landry Mitchell returned to Rocky Ridge, the only home he knew after being released from prison. He regretted following his older brother together with two criminals which led to their arrest. Now wanting to be forgiven by the residents, Landry tries to move on. Meanwhile Olivia Harding, a new resident works hard by taking care … Continue reading Landry’s Back in Town (#1) – Rocky Ridge Romance by Margery Scott